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Custom Home Theaters

Get a quote for your custom Home Theater!

Blue Sky Satellite and Theater offers full design, support, and sales for your new or existing home theater project. We can customize your new construction and bring the “AMC or IMAX” experience to your home, or create a sports pub feel on your patio. No room for a dedicated theater? That’s ok, we can handle all your audio and video needs from whole home music, mounting televisions, and smart home configurations.


GhostFiber Internet

Home Internet Service

Ghostfiber internet service is available in connected communities in Texas and Oklahoma; additionally our Satellite based Ghostfiber service is available with a clear view of the southern sky. Check to see if your community is already connected to the Ghostfiber network.

DIRECTV Home TV Service

Get a Home TV Service at a great price!

Blue Sky Satellite is a full retailer and system installer for all your DIRECTV needs. Residential customers can sign up for the same great offers available nationally and take comfort knowing they are dealing with a local business dedicated to an excellent experience.

Property owners and commercial establishments can have their property made DIRECTV ready for all businesses or tenants with a single dish solution.

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